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Lambskin Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers Sheepskin have always been a guarantee of quality and durability. The course material is ideally suited to it to customize a bumper slipcover made ​​of lambskin.

Sheepskin keeps the winter fine warm - we have determined all been experienced, but even in summer can and car covers are made from lambskin is a great service - because by the natural fiber moisture is easily transported down so that we never get the feeling, a wet car seat cover to sit. The open and airy structure of the lambskin a self-regulating air circulation is obtained in the interior of the car seat cover.

Another advantage of sheepskin car seat covers is the dirt-repellent effect. By the fat contained and the unique scale structure of the wool fiber of any dirt is not absorbed and does not penetrate into the wool fiber. Thus, the sheepskin lining has a natural self cleaning effect. The unique protein structure of the lambskin, no germs, viruses or bacteria can settle. Sheepskin offers the potential attackers will not flourish and thus also acts as an antibacterial in some way.

Car seat covers made ​​of sheepskin are therefore of high quality and durable products and are perfect for any vehicle.